Tales of Babelithia

Tales of Babelithia



You have just arrived in a fantasy world called Babelithia that is characterised by various biomes and where you will meet various characters. At the crossroads of these diverse biomes lies Kasòra, a village founded by a group of pioneers seeking refuge from the dangers of Babelithia. The villagers are a hardworking and resilient community, skilled in various crafts and magic. The village is protected by an ancient shield, a barrier of magical energy disguised as a common-looking forest, that keeps most monsters at bay. However, the barrier weakens over time, requiring the villagers to periodically embark on quests to gather magical artifacts in order to strengthen it or to fight the monster that may arrive.


Your goal is to explore the world surrounding you and give your help to whoever may need it.

When the game opens, you are requested to select the difficulty: the harder you will go, the least time you will have to complete the game.

The action takes place in a natural setting; following the path, you’ll meet several characters whose instructions will lead you through the game solution.

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