Erasmus Integration

Erasmus Integration



The theme of the story is: is it ok to go out and party during your studies?

Alex finds someone a bit like them in Ulf at first. Ulf is a shy student that is a bit anxious and wants to study and avoids parties. But when Alex reveals they have dyslexia, Ulf refuses to be their study partner, as he is afraid it will impact his marks.

Alex then decides to go to a student party to relax, clear their mind and also to find a new study partner. However, they will soon realize that it is too late and that they will be forced to work with Ulf. Therefore, They should try to make things work with Ulf.

With the correct dialogue choices, the player can make Ulf come to parties and turn him into a friend again.

To do so they need to understand him, what drives him and break a few of his false beliefs.

The help of others characters will be useful, and trusting the right pieces of advice will be necessary.

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