The Shipwreck

The Shipwreck



You happen to be in a very unusual situation: are stranded on a deserted island! What will you do? Of course, your first aim is to survive, so you need to explore the world surrounding you looking for food and/or objects and materials and gather them to build yourself a shelter: you don’t know the place, it could be inhabited by savages or wild creatures, so you need protection.

After having built the house, your new life on the island begins. But hope for rescue never abandons you, of course! This requires a clear mind, so you have an idea to keep it working: a diary!

Only after having completed it, a ship will come for your final rescue. But life is never easy, so you have to deserve your rescue … Good luck!

When the game opens, you will read a brief introduction that helps you dive into the situation and move on.

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