Let’s Make a Pizza

Let's Make a Pizza



Mario and John are two university students in Rome. They are living together while attending their academic courses, so they are sharing a lot in this period! The game brings the player into one of their days, they are John! It seems he is getting used to Italian cooking habits and he would like to try something typically Italian for dinner, so they two decide to make pizza! they go to the kitchen where a nice woman, a kitchen assistant, says they have no ingredients, so you they have to go shopping. Then an old, wise cook lists all the ingredients for the pizza; they take some money and go to the nearby market. But this is not the safe place it seems to be…so, to get all the ingredients needed, they’ll have to avoid unpleasant meetings while moving from one stall to another…when they have all of them, they get back to the kitchen, where they find someone to help obtain the best dough ever! 

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